B. F. Spencer, Jr

Professor, UIUC
Affiliations: Civil and Environmental Engineering
Phone: (217) 333-8630



Research Interests: structural health monitoring, structural control, cyberinfrastructure applications, stochastic fatigue, stochastic computational mechanics, and natural hazard mitigation


Yan Xiao

Professor, ZJU
Affiliations: Civil Engineering, ZJU-UIUC INSTITUTE
Phone: +86 571-87572567


Research Interests: Integrated Protection of Engineering Structures, Hybrid and Composite Structure, Modern Bamboo and Timber Structure, Advanced and Green Civil Engineering Materials Research and Development, Manufacture and Applications, Experimental Methods and Analysis of Structures

  • Changjiang Scholar
  • Program Director for Energy, Environment, and Infrastructure Sciences
  • Director of Center for Research On Sustainable Systems (CROSS)

    Ashlynn Stillwell

    Associate Professor, UIUC
    Affiliations: Civil and Environmental Engineering; Affiliate, Electrical and Computer Engineering
    Phone: (217) 244-6507

    Chushan Li

    Assistant Professor, ZJU
    Affiliations: Electrical Engineering, ZJU-UIUC INSTITUTE

    Phone: (+86)13758194714

    Research Interests: High Power Density Power Converter, Multilevel Converter, Transportation Electrification, High Power Drive System